Wilpattu Safari

More good news for wildlife lovers. We just happen to be next door to the country’s largest wildlife sanctuary, where you can spot the elusive leopard and sloth bears among a myriad of other wildlife. If you’re really feeling like the scenic route the park can even be accessed via lagoon.

One of favourite spots in the park, K-point or Kudrimalai, is a tour highlight where you can take in some alluring views. It also doubles as a good spot to have some lunch if you plan on doing a full day safari. The sanctuary is dotted with many beautiful lakes or ‘willus’ in the local dialect – hence the name. You will not regret lugging a camera for this one.

So if you feel like getting your Steve Irwin on, feel free to let us know. It’s a one-and-a-half hour’s drive away and we provide two trips daily, (05.00am and 12.00pm) lasting four or eight hours – it’s up to you.