Welcome to Palagama Beach Kalpitiya

Village living, naturally designed.

Why stay in a typical resort when you can have a truly unique Sri Lankan experience? Be at one with nature and find your home in the village.

If you're looking to live close to nature and experience the true beauty of Sri Lanka, Palagama Beach is for you. The vision of world renowned designer Cecil Balmond and his son John Balmond was simple - to create beautiful, sustainable living spaces, blending traditional Sri Lankan design with a touch of the contemporary. Unique, natural, breathtaking; Palagama Beach stands alone.

Find your place in our village

We know just how precious your holiday is. You need to have everything just the way you like it. That’s why we offer a range of homes, so you can find your perfect place in the village.

We've fused traditional Sri Lankan design with a touch of the contemporary, creating unique living spaces that blend seamlessly into the landscape. From private garden and beach cabanas to spacious air conditioned villas, every single space is different.

Dolphin Watching

Holidays come and go. But real experiences stay with you, always.

From November to April, Palagama Beach Kalpitiya is home to hundreds of spinner dolphins. Set off early morning on our boat and witness these intelligent creatures frolicking and feeding in the Indian Ocean. It’s nature untouched by the hand of man, unfolding before your very eyes.

This is simply a must for any Palagama Beach guest.

Your very own beach

It's obvious why people flock to the beach. Sun, sea, sand - the sound of the surf. However, it's easy for a perfect setting to be lost. Tranquility replaced with infinite rows of sun loungers and tourist restaurants.

Not here at Palagama Beach. Kilometres of empty, wild beaches stretch out before you. There's just you, the ocean and the odd fisherman's hut nestled quietly in the surrounding undergrowth.

It's how beaches should be.

Taste the exotic

One of the best things about going to a new place is trying the food. Unique aromas and new flavours entice the senses. We’ll bring you the true flavour of Sri Lanka.

Our Coralia restaurant is the perfect place to take in the sea view and enjoy all the culinary delights this lovely island has to offer. Hoppers, rice and curry, watalapam - it’s all waiting for you. Of course, if Western is your thing we also have a range of dishes to your taste. Fancy yourself as a bit of a chef? Take our cooking class and take a little taste of Sri Lanka home with you.


After a day surrounded by the beauty of Palagama Beach, time starts to slow down. Now it's time to head to our spa and give your body some much needed TLC.

Our expert masseur provides all kinds of massages. Whether it's head, shoulders feet or back - you'll be in safe hands.

It's time to take your relaxation to the next level.

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