Village living,naturally designed

Cecil Balmond always pushes the boundaries of design.

The Orbit tower for the 2012 London Olympics, CCTV in Shanghai, the Casa da Música in Portugal.
Palagama Beach is no different.

Good design is functional. Great design is about experience. In other words, people are at the heart of everything. It’s about designing to improve moments and lives for the better.

When the opportunity arose to build in Sri Lanka, Cecil and his son John saw it as a challenge – a chance to do something that had never been done before. Their thought process was simple. What if people could live surrounded by nature, in homes that echo Sri Lankan culture and tradition? Imagine private spaces where interior and exterior fuse. A place to live on the land and forget the world.

These thoughts are at the heart of Palagama Beach. You see, we’re different from other Sri Lankan beach resorts. We’re truly unique – a village of homes designed around Mother Nature herself.

The design philosophy infuses traditional Sri Lankan design with a touch of the contemporary, creating sustainable living spaces that seamlessly blend into the landscape. A village that is a part of nature.

But we’re a village with a twist. Our infinity pool, Coralia restaurant, Spa and private Beach House make Palagama Beach truly original. We’re also a family-run business, so all our guests are part of our family too. This means we’re here to make your stay special in any way we can, from offering dolphin watching and cooking classes, to setting up a romantic dinner for two on the beach.

We go the extra mile to create your home away from home. And that’s what sets us apart from other hotels in Sri Lanka.

Why settle for the same old holiday? Experience village living, naturally designed.