For some, a holiday is all about chilling out. No office, no commute, no emails – just pure relaxation. But for the thrill seekers this simply won’t cut it. They’re after action and excitement, anything to get the adrenaline pumping. If you’re looking to push the limits we have just the thing. Join us for the kitesurfing season and ride the waves of the Indian Ocean.

Between May and October, the Kalpitiya coast offers some of the best kitesurfing in the whole of Asia. And you could experience every pulse-racing second. Travel to the school for day lessons, or stay longer and really get into it – it’s up to you. We’ll organise everything including free transport there and back.

If you can go above and beyond the holiday status quo, we can too. That’s why we’ll also give you a special room rate. It’s just our way of saluting your adventurous spirit.

Why just lie by the pool, when you can fly through the air?

Pick a Kite surfing package that suits you! while you stay with us at Palagama Beach


You will learn the wind window theory, how to pilot a kite and the basic skills on foil kites. (1 hours Session)


Learn the wind window theory using a foil kite. 4-line kite setup and safety systems. Practice launching and landing, & water relaunch.

(3 hours Session)


Learn everything in Level 1+ You will know how to body drag downwind and upwind, practice board recovery, power stroke.

(6 hours Session)


Learn everything in Level 1 & 2+ You will learn how to self-rescue and make your first tack! Riding practice!

(9 hours Session)

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KiteSurfing Seasons :

May − September: Strong and persistent SW winds and 1−2m high waves on the reef 250m off shore. Main kite sizes: 5−10m kites! Due to drifting sand, the sea is light brown during this season.

December − March: Northerly winds in the afternoons. Main kite sizes: 9−14m kites. During this season the sea is beautiful and clear! Also time for dolphin watching in the mornings.

November and April :are off-season month. During that time the wind direction changes and the wind is not very persistent.

See the full week WINDGURU forecast.