Travel back in time

There’s a place where Sri Lanka’s history is tangible in the very air itself. It’s called the Rajarata (“The King’s Land”). And we’ll organise a tour to take you back into the past.

The cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa lie within the Rajarata. They were the beating heart of ancient Sinhalese civilisation. Anuradhapura’s ruins remind us the achievements of a people. This ancient city is one of Sri Lanka’s 8 World heritage sites, boasting monasteries, ornate palaces (including the famous Brazen Palace erected by King Dutugamunu in 164 BC) and three massive Dagobas. Anuradhapura also contains a sacred Bo-Tree, which is said to date back to the year 245 BC.

Polonnaruwa is one of the best planned archaeological relic sites in the Sri Lanka, representing the  grand vision of the Kingdom’s first rulers. Large Buddhas carved in rock watch peacefully over the ruins with tombs, temples, statues and stupas completing the scene.

Finally, no journey into Sri Lanka’s heritage and tradition would be complete without a trip to the island’s most visited historic site…Sigiriya. Gargantuan, defiant, breathtakingly beautiful – Sigiriya is an ancient citadel built around, and on top of, a massive rock nearly 200 metres high. The stunning views and the palace ruins are worth the climb alone. You can also explore the mid-level terrace containing the Lion Gate and the frescoes of the mirror wall, as well as the lower palaces, moats and ramparts.

Unravel the mystery of Sri Lanka’s ancient lands and return to a golden age.