Bringing nature even closer to you

​Marine naturalist joins Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka

At Palagama Beach we want every guest to experience the true beauty of nature. So we’re delighted to announce our partnership with Cinnamon Nature trails. What’s happening exactly? Expert Marine Naturalist Buddhika Dayarathna has joined us until February 2016.

‘Daya’ (as he is famously known) has been with Cinnamon Nature Trails since 2010. He is usually based in Trincomalee taking people on whale & dolphin watching trips. There’s no doubt that Daya is a committed and passionate naturalist. He is the perfect man to guide you through Kaplpitya’s rich marine wildlife.

Our guests can now enjoy a dolphin and whale watching trip with Daya as part of the Palagama Beach experience. Seeing is one thing. But to understand how nature works is another. Daya will unlock the mystery, explaining the behaviour of the dolphins and the features of the Kalpitiyan seas. His knowledge will take your experience to a whole new level. If you’re into snorkelling, Daya is an expert, he’ll show you the best places to explore the underwater world.

From now on, we hope to have Daya with us regularly at this time of year to take full advantage of the season. And we will be working closely with the specialist team at Cinnamon Nature Trails to bring nature even closer to every guest.

Come stay at Palagama Beach in Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka for a chance to see some of the most amazing Marine life in the world up close and personal!