Palagama Beach Story

Cecil Balmond always pushes the boundaries of design. The Orbit tower for the 2012 London Olympics, CCTV in Shanghai, the Casa da Música in Portugal. Palagama Beach is no different. Good design is functional. Great design is about experience. In other words, people are at the heart of everything. It’s about designing to improve moments and lives for the better. 

When the opportunity arose to build in Sri Lanka, Cecil and his son John saw it as a challenge – a chance to do something that had never been done before. Their thought process was simple. What if people could live surrounded by nature, in homes that echo Sri Lankan culture and tradition? 

Touch Infinity

It’s more than a pool. It’s a statement. When we started Palagama Beach we wanted our pool to be truly special. Our vision? To bring the land, sea and pool together – creating a new experience. We designed the fresh water pool with an infinity effect, so it blends seamlessly into the horizon, giving unique and unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean. It’s the perfect place to relax, have a cold drink and soak up the Palagama Beach atmosphere.

Beach House

Here at Palagama Beach, we’ve taken great care to create private spaces where you can unwind and enjoy a little solitude. But if you’re looking for a bit more excitement and some friendly faces, why not head down to the Beach House? We like to think of it as big chill out area. A place where guests can come to escape the heat of the day, or relax as the night rolls in.

Food and Restaurant

What’s the recipe for the perfect holiday? Sun, sea, sand and relaxation. But there’s one ingredient missing – delicious food. At Palagama Beach, we know that fantastic cooking can really make you feel at home. And Coralia, our Sri Lankan restaurant, is the ideal place to take in the sea view and treat your taste buds.

Island Craft

We see things differently from other Sri Lanka beach resorts. So we started thinking, what if we could celebrate the design talent of Sri Lankan women and help them change their lives for the better? At Palagama Beach we showcase a stunning range of arts and crafts made by women from Jaffna – an area devastated by the recent civil war. You can buy shawls, fabrics, handwoven bags and more. Every rupee goes to these talented women, helping them to improve their daily lives.